We are pleased to announce the publication of the NERIS Roadmap 2020, in the framework of CONCERT WP2.

Following the publication of the updated NERIS SRA in November 2019, the process of updating the NERIS long-term roadmap was initiated in parallel to the preparation of the Joint Roadmap on Radiation Protection Research established in 2020 within H2020 CONCERT EJP.

The present Roadmap is an update of the first NERIS Roadmap established in November 2017. A series of exchanges was organised after the European Radiation Protection Week meeting held in October 2019 in Stockholm. Initially, the process envisaged for updating the NERIS Roadmap included the organisation of an open meeting prior to the NERIS workshop to be held in Barcelona at the end of May 2020. Due to COVID-19 crisis, the NERIS management board decided to organise a series of video-conference meetings between mid-March and end of May 2020 and to establish 3 working groups, involving mainly members of the NERIS management board and R&D committee, to address each of the challenge areas defined in the NERIS SRA. Following the consultation of the NERIS community, the updated NERIS roadmap has been published on May 29, 2020.

You can dowload the document with the following link : pdf NERIS Roadmap 2020 (790 KB)