Supporting organizations of the present statutes have set up an association under the French Law from the 1st of July 1901 and the French Decree from the 16th of August 1901, called “Plateforme NERIS - NERIS Platform”. It may be referred to as “NERIS”.


The NERIS Platform aims at working on issues related to preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergency response and recovery, with the following objectives:

  • Improving the effectiveness of current European, national and local approaches, relying upon both European and international experiences.
  • Promoting more coherent approaches through the establishment of networking activities.
  • Maintaining and improving know-how and technical expertise among all interested stakeholders by developing a supranational training programme.
  • Identifying needs for further developments and addressing new and emerging challenges.

ARTICLE 3: Address

The address of the association is c/o CEPN, 28 rue de la Redoute, 92260 Fontenay aux Roses. It may be modified at any time following an unanimous decision of the Management Board (see Article 9).

ARTICLE 4: Duration

The association is created for an undefined period.

ARTICLE 5: Membership

Membership is open to all types of organizations concerned with preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergency response and recovery (national and local authorities, technical support organisations, professional organisations, research institutes, universities and non-governmental organisations, etc) represented into the association instances by individuals.

ARTICLE 6: Admission

To become Member of the association, a candidate organization must have signed the Terms of Reference as well as the present statute and have the unanimous agreement of the Management Board (see Article 9).

ARTICLE 7: Withdrawal

Membership ends either voluntarily or following a cancellation decision by at least two thirds of the Management Board (see Article 9).


ARTICLE 8: Resources

The resources of the association are made up with:

  • The annual membership fees according to the decision taken by the General Assembly,
  • The in-kind contributions of the organisations ensuring the coordination of the association,
  • The subsidies from public organisations both national and international,
  • The payments of specific services provided by the association.

ARTICLE 9: Functioning

The association is operated under the control of a General Assembly, which comprises the representatives of all member organisations of the NERIS Platform Association. The association is directed by a Management Board of 10 members which comprises 8 members of College 1 (European, national, regional and local authorities, technical support organisations - TSO's -, operators and professional organisations) and College 2 (Research institutes and universities, non-governmental organizations - NGOs -, consultants, and national and local stakeholders), the Chair of the R&D Committee and one representative of the Secretariat. Each member is nominated by the General Assembly for a three-year period. The Management Board nominates within its Members a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer for the three-year period. These persons compose the Bureau of the association. The Bureau members may be re-nominated. An internal document (the "Terms of Reference"), adopted by the General Assembly, describes with more details the management rules of the association.

ARTICLE 10: Dissolution

The General Assembly makes the decision about the dissolution by a simple majority of votes.

The present statutes have been approved at the occasion of the constitutive General Assembly of the association organised on the 15th of May 2012 in Glasgow (Scotland).

Approved at Fontenay-aux-Roses, 2nd of July 2012

The Chair: Raimo MUSTONEN, The Secretary and Treasurer: Thierry SCHNEIDER

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